About Samoyeds

The Samoyed, a very old Breed originated in northwestern Siberia. He lived with the Samoyede tribes and served as a sled dog, reindeer herder, a guard dog for the children and often a bed warmer at night. He lived as a companion even during harsh and rugged times. 

To this day, that is what the Sammy does best. He is hardy, vibrant, and even tempered. He is powerful but gentle and is often referred to as the dog with Christmas in his heart all year long. He needs to be part of a family and participate in family life. He wants to spend as much time as possible with his "pack". 

The Samoyed is an energetic dog who needs exercise, playtime and training. The Samoyed is mischievous and strong willed, but will always respond to kind leadership. Sammies are playful and fun-loving from puppyhood well into old age. 

A Sammy does shed a lot, especially if he is not groomed regularly. He requires regular brushing and combing and an occasional bath, and all the other care that any dog needs to be happy and healthy. The Samoyed coat will mat if not cared for. He is however a "natural" dog and does not require special trimming or grooming. 

Those of us who own and love this breed cannot recommend him highly enough as a loving companion and family pet.